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A huge congratulations to Willmot Public School, NSW for winning our inaugural University of Western Sydney Book Giving Assembly competition. Check out this fantastic video of their assembly, featuring our Role Model, Michelle Ray and some enthusiastic teachers acting out her story.

Willmot Public School – WINNERS!!!!!!!!!

Today Willmot Public School were declared WINNERS of the 2015 University of Western Sydney and Books in Homes Australia ‘Best Book GIving Assembly Competition’ for ‘A Huntsman Spider In My House’. Great school, fantastic teaching staff, amazing children!
Woot Woot!!

The article and picture below are courtesy of the St Marys – Mt Druitt STAR newspaper.

For many children, owning books is a privilege.

Earlier this year the University of Western Sydney and Books in Homes launched its Best Book Giving Assembly Competition, at the university’s 23 sponsored primary schools.

The focus on both the competition and program was Reading is Fun so pupils, teachers, parents and the UWS representative and role model were asked to be creative in how they presented reading, focusing on either a book, writing an original novel, or expressing how a book could engage emotions.

Willmot Public School was the first to win the perpetual trophy for the Best Book Giving Assembly Competition with teachers bringing 166 students to laughter over their interpretation of Michelle Ray’s children’s story, A Huntsman Spider In My House.

Principal Anne Denham said the teachers put on quite a show for the children as they acted out the story.

“It was great to see how reading and telling a story could be interpreted to the children in such a creative and engaging way,” she said.

The award was presented at a school assembly yesterday, with Ray as a guest.

Alan Beckley, acting director for widening participation, said research has shown a child that is read to and has plenty of books within the home are two of the most important indicators towards future academic success.

“Outreach programs that help shine a bright light onto pathways leading to future learning and personal achievement for our youth should always be supported.”

The program also offers primary pupils the opportunity to see how tertiary studies can be a realistic goal.

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Endorsement from The Bugman of Mt Washington, Los Angeles

Great review & endorsement from The Bugman of Mt Washington, in Los Angeles. A kindred supporter of bugs.

December 15, 2014
Book Review:  A Huntsman Spider in My House by Michelle Ray and illustrated by Sylvie Ashford
We quickly jumped on the opportunity to review Michelle Ray’s new children’s book and we are pleased to endorse the message it conveys.  The home does contain many unwelcome pests, but there are also many beneficial species that either accidentally or purposely find themselves inside.  Huntsman Spiders are common in Australia, and they are generally considered benign creatures that do no harm to human inhabitants, yet they are frequently subject to unnecessary carnage because they are large and scary appearing to the uninformed public.  The young, nameless female protagonist of Sylvie Ashford’s charming book speaks in rhyme as she explains the habits of Huntsman Spiders to children as well as to the adults that read the book aloud.  Our personal favorite of all of Sylvie Ashford’s colorful illustrations is the one that accompanies the text “I could squash him with my shoe, but he’s not hurting me.”  We thoroughly endorse educating young children to have more tolerance for the lower beasts in hope of reducing Unnecessary Carnage.  This book is suitable for young children learning to read and it has particular relevance for Australian children.  This book is a nice stocking stuffer.

Unnecessary Carnage averted:  "I could squash him with my shoe, but he's not hurting me."  Illustration by Sylvie Ashford

‘What’s that Bug?’ does not endorse extermination.

A Huntsman Spider in my House – Book Review



We love books in our house. They are precious gifts to be cherished and loved forever. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a new children’s book for my blog it took me all of 0.35 seconds to say yes.

A Huntsman Spider in my House
Written by – Michelle K. Ray
Illustrated by – Sylvie Ashford

I have to confess I’m not a fan of spiders, or any other creatures that have wiggly legs and that scuttling behaviour that makes me go all prickly. But I am super-keen not to pass my own issues onto my kids and so am very careful to control my response to bugs when confronted with them. Where I fall short is in actively promoting a happy and lively interest in them and that’s a shame, especially for my little boy, who seems very inquisitive where small creatures are concerned.

A Huntsman Spider in…

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A Super Review from the Impartial Report, ‘Any parent would do well to give this book to their child’

‘Another fantastic, really lovely review from the Impartial Report check it out…….’She (my daughter) was very excited, which is something I had never before seen when it came to books………She loved the rich, colorful illustrations and the rhyming story, and made me read it to her a number of times before, finally, insisting that she read it herself’.

‘Any parent would do well to give this book to their child.’

Many, many, many thanks!!