A Super Review from the Impartial Report, ‘Any parent would do well to give this book to their child’

‘Another fantastic, really lovely review from the Impartial Report check it out…….’She (my daughter) was very excited, which is something I had never before seen when it came to books………She loved the rich, colorful illustrations and the rhyming story, and made me read it to her a number of times before, finally, insisting that she read it herself’.

‘Any parent would do well to give this book to their child.’

Many, many, many thanks!!


Cockroaches a problem? Get a Huntsman Spider!

You know many folks complain about cockroaches in and around their home.

Did you know one of their natural predators is the Huntsman Spider?

So if you want to save money and the environment STOP buying bug spray and allow the Huntsman Spider to do its job.

Don’t be afraid of their looks – they really are kindhearted, helpful Aussie spiders.

Little Aussie Critters