AMAZON – HOT NEW RELEASE – Childrens – Australia & Oceania

AMAZON – HOT NEW RELEASE – Childrens – Australia & Oceania justed listed ‘A Huntsman Spider In My House’ as NUMBER ONE in the HOT NEW RELEASES in Children’s Australia & Oceania Books – very exciting!!




Cockroaches a problem? Get a Huntsman Spider!

You know many folks complain about cockroaches in and around their home.

Did you know one of their natural predators is the Huntsman Spider?

So if you want to save money and the environment STOP buying bug spray and allow the Huntsman Spider to do its job.

Don’t be afraid of their looks – they really are kindhearted, helpful Aussie spiders.

Little Aussie Critters

‘A Huntsman Spider In My House’ – Available Now – Hooray!!!!!

The first ever Little Aussie Critters Childrens Book is available to order.

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A unique children’s book series written by Michelle K Ray and illustrated by Sylvie Ashford. The books are a series of heart-warming tales about misunderstood Australian creatures and raise an awareness and a caring attitude for the natural world.